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30 June 2010 @ 06:56 pm
 Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone in the group. I'm Amy, and rat mommy to two lovely boys. . . . attaching a pic cause they're so darn cute! 
Hello there all. It pains me greatly that I only come here to find my two darling boys a new home. Recent family deaths have left me in a situation where a relative is coming to stay with us- and she is beyond deathly afraid of rats. I do not want to lose my relative's company and trust and I cannot have her fearful of her house. However, the alternatives necessary to keep my rats are unfair to them. They deserve a stable home where they will not have to move around, and do not have to live in fear of some retaliatory relative.

The two boys are Elgernon (the grey one) and Loki (the black markings one). Elgernon is a fairly calm sweetheart, playful and curious but also willing to just laze around your shoulder or hood. As with any animal he needs to be used to you, but once he is he's all love. <3

Loki is kind of a special needs case. Not that he's disabled in any way, but for one reason or another, he has gained a considerable amount of weight. No matter how often this fat rat gets out, he doesn't seem interested in exercising or exploring. He used a wheel until very recently- I was in the process of finding one big enough for him.
He's also very skittish and shy- for a long time I had worked to a point where he was almost comfortable with me, but after having to move him to his foster mom's house, he started getting agitated and nippy. This is new behavior and I'm positive that with time, patience, stability and a lot of positive reinforcement he'll come around.

Both boys are a year and some odd months (they were rescues from a local shelter so I'm unsure.) They're healthy, with only one case last year of a respiratory infection.
They will be adopted out with a large ferret cage and whatever supplies I currently have for a small adoption fee.
I live in New Bedford, in southeastern Mass. It's close to Fall River and I can bring them to you up to around an hour away in any direction.
If you or anyone you is interested in them, please let me know.
Time is not a huge issue, I can keep them until a good home is found.

My roommate had to move out of state with very little notice, and she didn't have time to find a new home for her 2 rats Loki and Muffin before she left. I've had rats many, many times, so I don't have a problem taking care of them until I can find them a good home, but I also just plain don't have the time or money to give them the attention and care they deserve.

I've tried to find homes for them with no luck whatsoever. The humane society doesn't take rats because they don't adopt out quickly. Nobody I know can take them. I tried posting them on sites like craigslist, saying there was a $15 adoption fee so I could be sure they wouldn't be used as feeders, no luck there either. I've even tried to find some sort of family-run pet shop that would sell them as pets only, but couldn't find one.

They're both approx. 6-7 months old, brown&white males, and very, very sweet. They've been with my roommate and me since they were babies. They are well socialized, both a bit timid when being taken out of the cage, but are completely fine and content once they've been out for a minute or two. They have never had any health issues, and they're quite energetic.

I really could use some help, they're such little sweethearts, I just wouldn't have it in me to give them to a home where they might be mistreated or used as feeders. I was completely out of ideas until I remembered all the communities I was still in from back when I still had ratties of my own, so this is sort of my last option.

I live in Clearwater, FL, about 20 minutes outside of Tampa. I could drive up to about an hour/hour & a half to meet someone halfway, if needed. The cage can go with them, although the one they are in now is not really big enough for them. The cage they were in was nice and roomy but it was just falling apart so they had to transfer over into one of our spare cages.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
24 July 2008 @ 10:18 pm
Hello, fellow rodent-lovers. ;)

One of my very good friends lives in Florida in the Orlando area. She has two little adorable rattie boys (approx. 1.5-2 yrs in age) who need a new home since she has recently moved to a new apartment which does not allow any pets. She has been trying to find an acquaintance down there to take them in with no luck. If I lived close at all, I definitely would have taken them for her, but I live in Rhode Island, so it would kind of be a long drive.

So if anyone on this community is from the Orlando area, here is the info on them:

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Leave a comment if you're interested! Or if you just want to snorgle at the pictures, I know I did when I saw them. XD

PS: If anyone has any advice on websites to find a good home for these guys let me know. She told me and I immediately thought of LJ, because I know you guys are all smart pet owners and really care about rats.

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23 May 2008 @ 04:31 pm
I have bizarelly sensitive skin.  The female rats do not cause my skin to react, unless they scratch me (and then it raises in bright red welts, but only if it breaks the skin.)  But when I handle the male rats, hives develop everywhere, even if they do not scratch me-I react to their fur.

Have you ever had any experience like this/heard of anyone being allergic only to male rats?

I was thinking maybe it had to do with the fact that males scent mark ,and I'm reacting to the urine.

I just held the two male rats for less than a minute; I've never had a reaction so bad.  I think I have to get rid of the males :(
20 April 2008 @ 04:48 pm
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17 February 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Here is a little photo update of my girls havign a play in their cage this evening...Ratties - quite a few pics...Collapse )
17 February 2008 @ 01:08 am
At the moment I'm facing the declining health of one of my companions, a lovely albino rat named Squiggle who has lived with me for a year and a half. After much medication and fighting severe respiratory disease, we are facing having him put to sleep.

I just wanted to let anyone know in this community who will ever deal with the prospect of having a small companion animal (rat, mouse, guinea pig/cavey, hamster etc) euthanised about a problem with the procedure that isn't commonly known.

Many vets will not give a lethal injection to small animals in a vein because they are too hard to locate. They will often give a direct injection into the stomach or heart and skip the expense of anaesthesia.

Do not under any circumstances allow this to take place. This kind of lethal injection is incredibly painful and the last moments of your friend's life will be terrible. Always ask for an inhalant anaesthesia etc before any lethal injection. If the vet will not allow you to be in the room with your family member as they are euthanised, go elsewhere. If the procedure is done humanely there is no reason your request should be denied.
27 January 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Ok well they were supposed to be coming tomorrow but the lovely Anna from Matrix Rattery kindly gave up some of her sunday and brought them to us today - they are GORGEOUS!

Anyway onto the photos...

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27 January 2008 @ 03:35 pm
Well I have finally managed to find some friends for herbie - OK technically my local breeder found them and arranged for them to be transported to us! (She arranged it for them to be delivered to the BRadford show which she was going to and she picked htem up from there, and kept them overnight last night nad is bringing them to me today!)

They have not arrived yet but she has emailed me some photos of them so thought I would let everyone know....

I am getting two out of the 4 so am not sure which ones i havev got yet but!

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